Andrea Elsby

Hair & Makeup Consultant

Andrea Elsby

Hair, makeup and consulting

My passion is helping you look and feel your best on those all important occasions. Specialising in both hair and make-up, I work closely with my clients to achieve their dream look for special events including weddings, balls and parties of every season.

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kind words

Andrea was the perfect hair and make up artist for my wedding day, and I’m so glad that I found her! She did such a fantastic job and I was so happy with all the different looks she created throughout the day. The schedule was very tight due to two different ceremonies on the day (civil and Hindu), and she was incredibly efficient with the make-up and outfit changes. She has a huge amount of experience, and that really came through on the day. The thing I appreciated most of all was how much of a calming presence she was, and I really enjoyed the time I spent with her. She is a truly lovely and caring person and I am so grateful for all the hard work she put in on the day. Thank you so much Andrea!
Thanks you for your amazing talent, professionalism and making me feel like a princess on my special day. Never realized how important it would be to have someone like you sharing your magic calmness and control just hours before the big moment, the whole experience with you was priceless. Would not be able to recommend anyone better than you.
Andrea….. no words will be enough to tell you how grateful I am for you being there for me yesterday. Not to just do my hair and make up, but to make me feel like a Princess, keep me calm, dress me so that I’m as perfect as can be to walk down the aisle. I have never ever been so nervous in my whole life and found the run up quite difficult but I felt that because you were there I was safe, I was in good hands and I was going to make it in time looking and feeling beautiful. Thank you thank you thank you! We had the most INCREDIBLE day!!!!

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